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Choose your favourite features that you want to see in Wayward! Visit this page after each major release to see updates on new top requested features. A listing of all planned features can be found on our Trello.

Updated for Beta 2.9!

Item stacking (177 votes)

Condensed item view where like-items are stacked/grouped together.

Dungeons (167 votes)

Uniquely generated dungeons with new creatures, ojects, and tiles.

Seasons (149 votes)

Varied terrain and plant-life cycles with temperature implications.

Weather (136 votes)

Rain, snow, etc.

Irrigation (128 votes)

Allow water sources to contribute to plant growth/health.

Official Wayward wiki (119 votes)

An automatically updated repository of Wayward information on all aspects of the game.

Add quests (99 votes)

Quests that are supplied via NPCs or other sources.

Windows (98 votes)

Walls with added window support for opened line of sight.

Husbandry and animal breeding (92 votes)

Roofs (84 votes)

Implement roofing with implications to flying creatures and weather (when implemented).

Tamed creature training (84 votes)

Pokemon, but Wayward!

Salt (83 votes)

Gathered as a byproduct or as raw halite. Can be used for preservation.

Selective crafting (82 votes)

Select which items specifically to use in a craft (instead of inventory order).

Beds (77 votes)

Deities (76 votes)

Add deities with new interaction involving sacrifice/offering/praying.

Larger adjacent crafting/dismantling (76 votes)

Pull from 8 surrounding tiles instead of 4 cardinal tiles.

Increased blacksmithing/metalworking depth (75 votes)

Add metal sheets, rivets, etc.

Tool/weapon slots (69 votes)

Reduce complexity of hand usage system by replacing it with specific tool/weapon slots.

"Mythic" item quality (63 votes)

Items that require identification before use. Unique "named" items that have specific legendary properties.

Oil and lanterns (62 votes)

Bees, honey, combs, nests and beeswax (59 votes)

The full suite of apiarist-related endeavours.

Ranged targeting (58 votes)

Tile-based targeting so players can throw or perform ranged actions on specific tiles and/or objects.

Pots, bowls, soups, and salads (58 votes)

Temperature (58 votes)

Player temperature that needs to be maintained (with additional weather/seasons implications).

Steel (57 votes)

Barrels and cooperage (56 votes)

Allow liquids to be stored.

Tiered crafting (55 votes)

Automatically craft items through multiple items/steps (craft an iron sword without crafting wrought iron, iron ingots, etc.).

"Epic" item quality (52 votes)

Items with increased durability and multiple "legendary" properties

Clothing, weaving and fabrics (48 votes)

Player-crafted clothing and textile processing.

Tin and bronze (45 votes)

Pinned items (45 votes)

Allow items to be pinned at the beginning of inventory/containers regardless of sorting.

Factions (44 votes)

Multiple levels of aggression/hostility for players and creatures.

Wheelbarrows and/or sledges (44 votes)

Controller support (41 votes)

More merchant dialogue and interaction (38 votes)

Automatic crafting/dismantling (38 votes)

Automatically craft or dismantle multiple items in a row.

Tutorial mode (34 votes)

A new mode that is specifically meant to learn the game without any randomization (to replace "Starter Quest").

Open source (34 votes)

Open the source code for Wayward for easier modding.

Creature carrying (32 votes)

Allow creatures to "carry" items. Creatures could pick-up items, or persist items offered to them.

Special food status effects (31 votes)

Have some food produce unique effects for more usage such as increased stat/skill gain chances, stat regeneration and more.

Boss/named creatures (31 votes)

Special "boss" versions of creatures with unique names and abilities.

Creature status effects (29 votes)

Creatures could share the same status effects as players.

DRM-free release (29 votes)

Release Wayward on non-Steam, DRM-free services such as Humble, GOG, etc.

Nautical chart (29 votes)

New dialog that shows all islands traveled to in a grided visual.

Supply and demand (26 votes)

Variable item worth for merchant item bartering.

Minecarts & rails (26 votes)

For automation, hauling, and increased movement.

Book writing/crafting (25 votes)

Allow players to craft and write books.

Destroy items (24 votes)

Add an option to destroy or break down items permanently.

Consistent item/action binds (23 votes)

Item and action binds that don't change based on the item/context.

Bare plant status (23 votes)

Add a "bare" status to all plant-life to show visually when a plant has been exhausted.

Plant death and annual, biannual, and perennial simulation (23 votes)

Allow plants to die off in realistic growth cycles (depending on the plant) with added visuals.

More traps (21 votes)

Redesigned sound effects (18 votes)

New, high-quality sound effects for all interactions done in 16-bit style (instead of 8-bit).

Item dyeing (15 votes)

Signage (15 votes)

Simulated (fake) turn support (14 votes)

Add a new system that would allow fake/simulated turns to transpire so traveling/resting/sleeping could be faster and allow for more time to pass.

Attack animations (14 votes)

Keyboard only support (13 votes)

Game can be played with keyboard only (instead of keyboard/mouse).

Official translations (12 votes)

Language translations that can selected directly in-game.

Grouped item use differentiation (12 votes)

Add variable forms of effectiveness for items of the same group (for example: hand drill, fire plough, or bow drill) instead of durability being the only difference between them.

Delay options (9 votes)

Ability to remove/reduce/increase certain delays in-game that only implemented for usability concerns.

Throwing (and blow) darts (9 votes)

Web-based release (9 votes)

Port Wayward to be available online in a web browser.

Demo (7 votes)

A demo version of the game that can be tried before buying.

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New legendary item properties (43 votes)

Tons of new modifications and properties can be implemented.

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New NPC types (43 votes)

More than just merchants.

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New biomes, terrain, and island types (38 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New plants, fruits, and/or vegetables (33 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New baking recipes (31 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

Improve game performance (26 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

Add more creatures (24 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New milestones (22 votes)

There are almost unlimited ideas for new milestones.

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

Add new books (21 votes)

More lore!

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

More custom game options (17 votes)

Develop additional options for custom game mode.

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New items and crafting recipes (15 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New music tracks (13 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New status effects (11 votes)

Crushed, envenomed, etc.

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

Decorative furniture (11 votes)

Ongoing FeatureAdditions can be made indefinitely.

New hairstyles (9 votes)

Total Voters: 350

Completed Suggestions

World map of persistent islands to sail between (69 votes at time of completion)

Persistent worlds that save when sailing to other locations/islands.

Item refinement (12 votes at time of completion)

Allow reduction of item weight a the cost of durability.

Magical aspect (10 votes at time of completion)

Similar to magical essence, except randomize between values in the same legendary type.

Terrain variety (7 votes at time of completion)

Add more variety to tiles (partially implemented in beta 2.7.4).

Steam networking (5 votes at time of completion)

Implement Steam Networking to reduce local networking issues (port forwarding, firewall issues, etc.).

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